General Information

General Information


Reservations are required for all passengers, whether walking on or in a vehicle at least 4 hours prior to desired departure time. Full fare is charged at the time of booking and may be paid using Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Visa debit.


Reservation holders must check in at the ticket booth a minimum of one hour prior to sail time or reservation is void.

Booking Amendments

Amendments to reservations which impact the fare will incur a credit card transaction fee of $3.00 each time such an amendment is made. Ex: no fee is applied when exchanging an SUV for a small car, as the fare does not change, whereas adding or removing a trailer from a booking incurs a fee as the fare does change.


Cancel or reschedule 48 or more hours prior to departure to receive a full refund of your fare.

Cancellations or rebookings 48-24 hours prior to departure receive 1/2 fare refund.

Cancellations or rebookings with under 24 hours notice receive no refund.

Call 1-800-265-3163 during operating hours or email 24 hours a day to cancel or reschedule a booking.

Crossing Time

Approximately 1 hour 45 minutes during Peak seaon and 2 hours during Off-peak seasons


All passengers must vacate the vehicle deck during passage. Vehicles are loaded and unloaded at the owner’s risk. Owen Sound Transportation Company assumes no responsibility for the contents of any vehicle, or for the security of, or damage caused to or by vehicles, motorcycles, or bicycles while aboard the ship.


Ferry parking lots at Tobermory and South Baymouth terminals are restricted to ferry users only. Please secure a parking pass in the terminal building prior to parking.

Fees are applied in peak season only.

Parking Fees:

Same day – free
Daily – $10
Weekly – $60


Elevator and wheelchair access to the ship is available via the passenger ramp in Tobermory and South Baymouth. Passengers with accessibility needs are asked to advise the ticket agent upon arrival.


Pets may remain inside the vehicle during transit, or within designated areas of the outside decks provided they are leashed and under the control of their owner.

Fuel Regulations

Passengers must declare additional fuel containers upon arrival at the dock. Transport Canada regulations prohibit transporting fuels in excess of the following quantities:

Propane – Recreational Vehicles

No more than two propane cylinders up to 25 litres each, safely secured in an upright position with valves closed, and tagged by OSTC staff.

Propane – Built in Propane Tanks

The tank must be original equipment manufactured (OEM), and engineered for the vehicle.

Gasoline – Automobiles

No more than two portable containers of up to 25 litres each.

Gasoline – Motorboats

No more than two portable containers of up to 25 litres each.

Commercial Trucks

Trucks which require overweight highway permits cannot board the Chi-Cheemaun. Trucks with wide load permits are subject to restrictions and additional fees.


Buses must book in advance.

Loyalty Stamp Card

OSTC offers a Loyalty Stamp Card for passengers who frequently sail onboard the Chi-Cheemaun. The card itself is free; please ask for one at the terminal. Passengers earn one (1) stamp for each vehicle crossing. After nine (9) crossings, the tenth is free for one (1) vehicle and one (1) passenger.

Loyalty Stamp Cards and accumulated stamps are valid for one season only and cannot be carried forward from year to year. Lost cards with accumulated stamps cannot be replaced.

Card stamps must be requested at check-in and are the responsibility of the traveller.  No retroactive stamps shall be provided.