Passenger Type One-Way Same Day Walk-on Return Walk-on Excursion†

Adult (12 to 64 years)


Youth (5 to 11 years)


Child (under 5 years)




Senior (65 years and up)


Family (2 adults & dependent children under 18 years)


Group (10 or more, 1 vehicle)**

10% Savings
10% Savings
10% Savings

*Does not include vehicle fee. **Does not apply to family rate. †Excursion fare differs from “Same Day Walk-On Return” in that passengers travelling on excursion fare may not leave the ferry until the round trip is complete.

Ways of Transportation

Vehicle Type*** One-Way On Peak One-Way Off Peak

(JUNE 26 – SEPT 13)

(MAY 1 – JUNE 25) & (SEPT 14 – OCT 18)

Passenger Vehicles (Vehicles less than 8.5’ high)

Vehicles up to 20' long
Over Length 6.1m/20’ per foot extra

Over-width  (extra charge)


Over-width  (extra charge)


High Vehicles (Vehicles 8.5’ and higher)

Between 14’ and 20’ long
Over Length 20’ per foot extra

Over-width: over 2,59m/ 8.5ft (1.5 times total base rate including overlength footage)

Over-width: over 3.65 m/ 12ft (2 times total base rate including overlength footage)

McGregor Ramp Rate*

Vehicles less than 4.87m/ 16′ long & under 5’3″ high

*not applicable to combination combination vehicles. Vehicle must be able to fit on the McGregor (inside) ramp and be parked on the McGregor Ramp to be charged this rate


Motorcycles with no trailer or side car
Motorcycles with trailer or side car

(20% off same day return)


***Does not include driver and passenger fares.

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Additional Information

  • Schedule and fares are subject to change without notice. All passenger & vehicle fares are CAD.

  • Persons with specific accessibility needs who require the assistance of an attendant will be charged the full fare, however their attendant fare is free.

  • Fee per unit; vehicle towing trailer is considered 2 units, vehicles towing 5th wheel trailers are considered 1 unit.

  • Vehicles towing a trailer that is over 8.5’ tall- both units will be charged as high vehicles.

Accepted Payments

Chi-Cheemaun Loyalty Program

The Chi-Cheemaun Loyalty Program is available to travellers who make more than 9 one-way trips per season with their vehicle. One stamp is received for each crossing and the 10th crossing is free for one vehicle of the same size and one adult passenger.

Each card is vehicle size specific. Towed trailers will also receive a stamp. ie. car & trailer = 2 stamps. Ask a ticket agent at one of our terminals for more information.