2021 Fares

Passenger Type* One-Way Same Day Walk-on Return 4 Hour Walk-on Excursion†

Adult (12 to 64)


Child (5 to 11)


Child (0 to 4)




Senior (65+)


Group (10 + ppl in 1 vehicle)

10% Savings
10% Savings
10% Savings

*Does not include vehicle fare. †Excursion fare differs from “Same Day Walk-On Return” in that passengers travelling on excursion fare may not leave the ferry until the round trip is complete.

Ways of Transportation

Vehicle Type* One-Way On Peak One-Way Off Peak


MAY 7 – MAY 31 & SEPT 7 – OCT 17

Passenger Vehicles

Vehicles up to 20' long
Over length per foot charge

To be classed and charged as a passenger vehicle, a vehicle must not exceed any of the following dimensions: 30' in length, 8'5" in height or 6'9" in width. Combination vehicles may not exceed 6'5" in width.

Large Vehicles

Vehicles up to 20’ long
Over length per foot charge

A vehicle is classed and charged as a Large Vehicle if it exceeds any of the following dimensions: 30' in length, 8'5" in height or 6'9" in width. Combination vehicles which exceed 6'5" are classed and charged as Large Vehicles.

Over width charges: applies to both Passenger and Large Vehicles

Vehicles wider than 8.5'

1.5x total fare

1.5x total fare

Vehicles wider than 12'

2x total fare

2x total fare


Motorcycles w/ attachments, Can-Ams, ATVs

(20% off same day return)


*Does not include driver and passenger fares. 

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Additional Information

  • Schedule and fares are subject to change without notice. All passenger & vehicle fares are CAD.

  • Persons with specific accessibility needs who require the assistance of an attendant will be charged the full fare, however their attendant fare is free.

  • Combination vehicles, trailers etc. are charged the base vehicle fare plus per foot charge for every foot greater than 20.

  • Combination vehicle height: the highest point on either the tow or towed vehicle determines the vehicle height. Ex: vehicle under 8.5′ high towing a trailer greater than 8.5′ is charged as a high vehicle.

Accepted Payments

Chi-Cheemaun Loyalty Program

The Chi-Cheemaun Loyalty program is being overhauled, an announcement will be made shortly on how this program will function in 2021 and beyond.


Important Information

Ferry service news and updates, safety measures and travel requirements.