Discover Tobermory

Tobermory is both a haven and a gateway. Located at the northernmost tip of the Bruce Peninsula, and jam packed with activities and adventure, the town itself is an idyllic retreat from big city life. Yet it also serves as an entry point to the many wonders of the peninsula.

Unbelievable Hiking

As the northern terminus of the fabled Bruce Trail, Tobermory provides easy access to some of the finest hiking in the province. On the peninsula you’re never far from adventure. Be it short scenic day hikes with the kids, or a challenging trek atop the towering bluffs of the escarpment.

Waterfront Dining

A refreshing breeze drifts across the patio carrying the aroma of fresh local fare, while the sun melts into the endless waves. The ambience of Tobermory’s waterfront restaurants is truly second to none, and how better to cap off a day of travel than a delicious meal in the company of friends and family?

Iconic Lighthouses

Several historic lighthouses stand guard in Tobermory, Big Tub, Cabot Head, Cove Island and Flowerpot Island. For years they helped ships avoid catastrophe on dark and stormy waters, now they help travellers enjoy spectacular views of the surrounding lakes and forests.

Adventure – Above & Below the Waves

Of course the water itself is what truly draws us to the peninsula, the endless expanse of Lake Huron to the west, while Georgian Bay beckons from the east. Between SCUBA, glass-bottomed boats, kayaks, and stand up paddleboards there’s never been more ways to explore the waters of the peninsula. Where else can you dive among shipwrecks, cruise a marine conservation area, and hit the beach all in an afternoon?

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