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Winter Air Service Bid Invitation: Pelee Island to Windsor, Ontario

Pelee Island Transportation

The Owen Sound Transportation Company (OSTC) is inviting bids for the provision of a winter air service between Pelee Island and Windsor, Ontario. This air service is required during the winter months when the waters freeze and conventional surface ferries cannot operate, typically from December to March. The contract covers two winters with an optional renewal for a third.

There are two options for bidders: Option A requires a standard service with flight capacity for 8 passengers plus cargo, while Option B is for a smaller aircraft. Key requirements include daily return flights (except on Christmas and New Year’s Day), and specific facilities and capabilities at the Windsor airport.

Proposals are to be submitted by October 25th, 2023, to Mike St.Amant at OSTC. If interested, please click here to download the Request for Bid PDF document.

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