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Loyalty Point Redemption Program

Chi-Cheemaun - Travel In Good Spirits

Effective immediately, all loyalty points accumulated between May 7th, 2021, and May 25th, 2022, when the program was temporarily halted, are now available for use as full or partial payment on travel fares.

Please note the following terms and conditions regarding the redemption of your accumulated points:

  • Points can only be applied to future bookings on your account and cannot be redeemed for past sailing dates or bookings that have already been reserved for future sailing dates.
  • Points cannot be redeemed for cash. Travel only.
  • The accumulated loyalty points will remain valid until the end of the 2023 operating season, specifically until October 15th, 2023. We kindly encourage you to utilize your points within this timeframe to ensure you fully benefit from the program.

To redeem your accumulated points or for any inquiries related to the Chi-Cheemaun Ferry Service Loyalty Program, please reach out to our dedicated reservation team at 1-800-265-3163 or Agents are available to assist you in making your future bookings and guide you through the point redemption process.


The loyalty point program, when implemented in 2021, was designed as a replacement for the Stamp card which is used to reward frequent travelers.  The program proved cumbersome to administer so it was discontinued, and the stamp card program restarted.

The loyalty point redemption program provides an opportunity for travelers to redeem any points accumulated during the year in which the program operated.  The point expiry will coincide with the expiry of the stamp cards which are good for the season of issue.

The loyalty point redemption process has been tested for online bookings and for agent bookings over the past month but there are still occasional errors which require agent intervention. Please contact the reservation desk to make your booking.


We appreciate your support and look forward to welcoming you on board the Chi-Cheemaun Ferry once again. Thank you for being a part of our loyal customer community, and we are excited to serve you on your upcoming journeys.

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