Stargazing Cruise

Due to COVID-19 programming will not be available this season.

Once the sun sets on the MS Chi-Cheemaun, an unforgettable show begins.

Out in open waters the night sky reveals itself like nowhere else on earth. With the nearest city lying over the horizon, there’s zero ambient light pollution to obscure the vastness of space. You’ll be positively starstruck at the celestial display unfolding above you.

Come see the night skies which sparked centuries of Ojibwe lore and continue to inspire wonder to this day.

Our Stargazing Cruises are presented in partnership with the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. Their esteemed members direct the evening, offering a wealth of insight, fielding questions, and pointing out easily missed solar phenomena. The cruises run in August on select 10:00pm sailings from South Baymouth to Tobermory. Admission is included with your ferry fare. For more information please call 1-800-265-3163.

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Stargazer’s tour is included with your ferry fare.