Loyalty Program

During the 2021 sailing season, OSTC implemented a new digitized Loyalty Program for our all our valued customers to earn points on each crossing. Points earned would convert into a dollar value and could be used on future reservations to reduce the cost of the crossing.

Since its implementation travelling customers have been successfully accumulating points however, it has been identified there have been the occasional malfunction in the application of the points as a form of payment for a reserved crossing. As a result of this, the Loyalty Program has been temporarily halted while OSTC conducts a review of the program to better serve our customers. We are working expeditiously to resolve this matter and re-instate the Loyalty Program.

While the program is suspended, we have transitioned back to our former “Loyalty Stamp Cards”. Customers may request a card at time of arrival at the dock.

We appreciate your understanding while we address the issue and will keep our valued customers informed of changes in the program.


How it works:

  • Receive 1 stamp per crossing

  • After 9 stamps, receive a free crossing