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Ship Captain

Public Notice


The Chi-Cheemaun will sail the remaining departures today; 3:50pm from South Baymouth, 6:10pm from Tobermory and 8:15pm from South Baymouth


Chi-Cheemaun’s 8:50am departure from Tobermory and 11:10am from South Baymouth have been cancelled due to wind and wave condition. Status of the 1:30pm departure from Tobermory will be post 10:00am

WEATHER CANCELLATION Thursday, October 11th

Chi-Cheemaun’s 1:30pm from Tobermory and 3:50pm from South Baymouth are cancelled due to high winds. Service will resume tomorrow (October 12th)

Sept 4, 2018: OSTC Statement regarding the cancellation of 3 of 4 round-trips on Labour Day Monday.

OSTC deeply regrets the inconvenience to our customers this Labour Day, particularly on what was for many of them, the final day of their family vacations.

At approximately 5:45am on Monday, September 3, the Chi-Cheemaun ferry’s vehicle ramp was damaged during the course of a normal daily pre-startup procedure.

Upon notification, OSTC immediately dispatched personnel from Owen Sound, and cancelled the first round-trip of the day which was scheduled to depart from Tobermory at 7am.

Public messaging was sent out via Twitter, the company webpage, the company Facebook page, and media release. Wherever possible, customers also were contacted via telephone.

Public messages concerning schedule changes were updated throughout the day as soon as new information became available.

The repair and subsequent inspection necessitated the cancellation of three of the ferry service’s four scheduled round trips, and a significant delay to the single round-trip which departed from Tobermory at 5:38pm and South Baymouth at7:38pm.

An active investigation into the cause of the incident is underway.

Thank you



Click here for information and photos of the new Pelee Islander II


Ferry ramp repairs are now complete. Ferry cannot leave until repair is seen by inspector at approximately 4:30pm. There will be one round trip departing Tobermory at approximately 5:00pm and South Baymouth at 7:00pm. All customers are being contacted and advised that they can be accommodated on the earlier sailing.

Thank you





the 11:20am departure from Tobermory and 1:30pm from South Baymouth are cancelled, and more info will follow. All remaining sailings today are tentative pending the results of a mechanical repair.


Pelee Island Transportation Services


Please note that there will be no alcoholic beverage sales or service on the Jiimaan from Friday, August 31 to Monday, September 3

Passengers are welcome to transport, but not consume alcohol on the ferry under the following conditions: No alcohol can be transported on the ferry unless it is in its original unopened, sealed container, and must remain properly stowed in passenger baggage. Alcohol cannot be opened or consumed on the ferry.

General Passenger Behaviour: All passengers are expected to be respectful of their fellow travellers’ safety and comfort. Any person arriving at the dock who appears to be inebriated, or is otherwise disorderly, may be denied transportation on the ferry.

The ferry service is not responsible for any costs incurred by persons refused transportation.

We appreciate your cooperation. Have a great weekend!

Thank You,

Pelee Island Transportation Service

Chi-Cheemaun’s Labour Day Weekend Sailing Availability


Pelee Island Propane Run

A propane run has been scheduled for Monday, August 27. Pelee Islander revised schedule is listed below;

9:00 am – Departing Pelee Island – As scheduled

11:00 am – Departing Leamington – Propane run, (Note the scheduled 11am is cancelled for passengers)

1:00 pm – Departing Pelee for Sandusky – As Scheduled

3:30 pm – Departing Sandusky – As Scheduled

5:30 pm – Departing Pelee – (Propane Run, no passengers)

7:00 pm – Departing Leamington – Additional sailing added for passengers

Schedule change effective August 1, 2018

Updated August 13, 2018

Pelee Island Transportation Ferry service will continue to operate from Leamington until further notice.


Each year on or around August 1, the Pelee Island Ferry Service moves its mainland ferry operations from Leamington to Kingsville for the second half of the ferry season.

Ferry services will not be moving to Kingsville on August 1, 2018 as scheduled due to the continuing requirement for the new ferry “Pelee Islander II” to remain at the Kingsville dock for a few more weeks. The ferry service apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause for customers.

The additional time in Kingsville is necessary for the completion of a series of activities related to crew training, vessel inspections and certification, all required to facilitate the safe movement of the new ferry from Kingsville to Leamington.

Pelee Island Transportation Service will provide updates on the final determined moving date, and a date on which the new ferry will go into service as the preparatory activities are completed.

AUG 13 UPDATE: Ferry operations are scheduled to move from the Leamington dock to KINGSVILLE for Tuesday, September 4. Please note that this moving date is the planned date but can be changed if conditions require.

Issued July 18, 2018: Updated August 13, 2018

OSTC and Pelee Island Transportation Service

Chi-Cheemaun Online Reservation Temporarily Unavailable

OSTC would like to apologize for the inconvenience of the online reservation currently being unavailable. During this high volume period, we’ve temporarily suspended online reservation to maximize deck use to ensure we get more customers on-board. During this time, please call 1-800-265-3163 and one of our agents will assist you in completing the reservation. Thank you for your patience. Please see the below chart with the updated sailings for the August 7 to August 13th.

Notice: Fall Cruise from Tobermory to Owen Sound cancelled for 2018

The Owen Sound Transportation Company regrets to announce the cancellation of Chi-Cheemaun’s 2018 Fall Cruise from Tobermory to Owen Sound, scheduled for Monday, October 15. Upon completing the 2018 ferry season, the ship will sail from Tobermory to a dry dock facility for preventative maintenance.

Chi-Cheemaun’s Annual Spring Cruise will take place on Thursday, May 2nd, 2019.  Tickets will be available for purchase at the end of the ferry operating season in October, 2018.

Revised sailing schedule For Pelee Islander

Wednesday, July 25 

6:00pm: Departing Pelee –– Additional sailing added


Thursday, July 26

7:15am: Departing Leamington (Propane run, no passengers)

9:00am: Departing Pelee – As scheduled

11:00am: Departing Leamington – As Scheduled

1:00pm: Departing Pelee for Sandusky – As Scheduled

3:30pm: Departing Sandusky – As Scheduled

5:30pm: Departing Pelee – (Propane Run, no passengers)

7:00pm: Departing Leamington – Additional sailing added



Location of Work Area:  Erie St. South (between Seacliff Dr. and Robson Rd.) Municipality of Leamington

Start Date:                                 Monday, June 25, 2018 (weather permitting)

Duration:                                    2.5 months


Due to sewer construction, Erie St. South (between Seacliff Dr. and Robson Rd.) will be completely

closed to traffic on Monday, June 25th, 2018 for approximately 2.5 months. Emergency vehicles and thru traffic cannot be maintained at this location. During the closure, we ask that all traffic follow the posted detour around the construction zone.

See Detour Map

Thank you and we apologize for any inconvenience.


Alexander N. Del Brocco, C.E.T

Engineering Project Manager

Municipality of Leamington

(519) 326-5761 x 1369

Chi-Cheemaun’s 2018 Series

From Dinner Cruises to Dinner Cruises & Concerts, Interpretation Programs from Parks & Wikwemikong Tourism, dockside Puppet Shows in Tobermory & Collaborative performance with Award Winning Authors & Musician. Check out the calendar of events and plan a trip

2018 Pelee Island Pheasant Hunt Schedule

The 2018 Hunt Schedule is complete, click here for full schedule



The Chi-Cheemaun Annual Spring Cruise from Owen Sound to Tobermory will take place Thursday May 3rd, 2018. Tickets are now on sale and available for purchase at the Owen Sound Transportation Company & Tourist Information Centre in Springmount or by calling 1-800-265-3163.

Tickets are $70.00 per person includes Cruise, buffet lunch & shuttle bus. The Chi-Cheemaun will depart the Owen Sound Harbour at 12 Noon, boarding will begin at 11:00 am.m with arrival in Tobermory at approximately 4:30p.m. Passengers will be met at Tobermory by buses and arrival in Owen Sound is expected to be 6:30 p.m.



Please read the attached notice regarding the recent ban of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices- Updated Customer Advisory- October 18, 2016