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Get answers to some common passenger questions


1 Q: Do you have interac?

A: We do not accept debit payment. Cash is the only form of payment that is accepted.

2 Q: Can we take pets?

A: Yes, it is an open deck vessel, and pets are allowed on the ferry.

3 Q: Are walk-ons allowed?

A: Yes, Walk-ons are allowed, however no other vehicle(s) or walk-on passengers are allowed on the vessel with propane/ fuel or gas delivery trucks.

4 Q: Do I need to reserve for a walk-on?

A: If you are travelling with a large group we recommend you call ahead of travelling. We also recommend you call beforehand in case there is a fuel/gas truck booked.

5 Q: Are we allowed passengers?

A: Passengers are not allowed on dangerous goods crossing, except for the certified operator of the Dangerous Goods vehicle. Passengers are only allowed on regular crossings.

6 Q: Can I send over my vehicle without a drive?

A: A vehicle is allowed to cross without a drive, however someone will have to drive on and off the vessel.

7 Q: Can I charter the Niska 1 Ferry?

A: Niska 1 is able to be chartered upon availability.

8 Q: Do you run Saturdays? Sunday?

A: Regular sailing schedule is daily Monday – Friday

10 Q: What is your dangerous goods policy?

A: Up to one (1) trip per day will be designated as a “Dangerous Goods Run”. To be scheduled at the discretion of the Contractor. NO PASSENGERS may be carried on DANGEROUS GOODS RUNS, except for the certified operator of the Dangerous Goods vehicle.

11 Q: What is your smoking policy?

A: There’s no smoking or vaping permitted on the entire ship.


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