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About Us

Welcome aboard! Owen Sound Transportation Company (OSTC) is one of Ontario’s largest ferry operators with a highly experienced and dedicated staff providing state-of-the-art passenger, vehicle and cargo transportation services to northern and southwestern Ontario waterways.


Owen Sound Transportation Company is an operational enterprise agency of the Province of Ontario. The OSTC owns and operates a seasonal vehicle and passenger ferry, the MS Chi-Cheemaun, from Tobermory to Manitoulin Island and MV Niska I, a landing craft style ferry between Moosonee and Moose Factory Island on the Moose River, just south of James Bay in Northern Ontario.


The OSTC also provides vessel management services for the Ministry of Transportation for two vessels, the MV Pelee Islander and the MV Jiimaan, operating on the Pelee Island service and a daily air service between the Ontario mainland and Pelee Island during the winter months when the ferry service is not in operation.


Important Information

Ferry service news and updates, safety measures and travel requirements.