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Calling All Performers! Play for Passage on the Chi-Cheemaun

Chi-Cheemaun - Travel In Good Spirits

Play for Passage

This program offers complimentary or reduced travel fare to approved performers in return for performing aboard the MS Chi-Cheemaun. The program is ideally suited for solo or group performers who are travelling to other performances, events, or festivals.

Program regulations

  • Regular sized vehicles will be comped. Motorhomes, buses etc. enjoy a discount equal to regular vehicle fare.
  • Performers will be comped. If a solo act is travelling with a support person (i.e. operator of a merch table), up to one support person will be comped.
  • Performances must run a minimum of 45 minutes. A PA system is provided but no dedicated soundperson will be available.
  • Applications MUST be received a minimum of two weeks prior to the date of travel.
  • Please note, as it gets closer to the sailing date, vehicle passages are not guaranteed.

Please contact for details.

To apply, please email and provide:

  • Dates of crossing (primary & secondary dates)
  • Contact information (first & last name, email, address & phone number)
  • Resume
    If available, please provide:
  • Audio/video clips
  • Social media handles
  • YouTube channel

OSTC thanks you for your interest. Only those artists selected to perform will be contacted by an OSTC representative. If selected, please provide promotional images/photos.


This information can also be found here: Who We Are – Owen Sound Transportation Company (

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