Discover Pelee Island

With summer temperatures that mimic the famed Bordeaux region of France, Pelee Island is a winemaker’s paradise, though you needn’t love wine to love your time on the island. Sand beaches dot the shoreline, and trails criss cross the island, while rare species of birds soar over it all. 

Diverse Wildlife

Pelee is made up of a variety of natural habitats, from wetlands and sand dunes to deep forests. In addition the island is crossed by two significant migration routes. These factors contribute to the island’s rich, diverse wildlife. Infinite songbirds, hawks, and herons, even migrating monarch butterflies can be found here.

Local Wine

Enjoying a micro climate reminiscent of locations further south, Pelee Island is ideally suited for grape growing. In fact, Pelee was home to the first commercial winery in Canada. Needless to say, wine is a big part of life on the island, and grapes grown here produce some of Canada’s finest vintages to this day.

Gorgeous Beaches

Lake Erie, home to Pelee Island, is the warmest of the Great Lakes, and Pelee capitalizes on this fact with numerous stunning beaches. Beachgoers will be delighted by both sand and pebble beaches. With beaches facing both East and West, sungazers can enjoy beautiful shoreline vistas at both sunrise and sunset.

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