Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Expected Behaviours 

OSTC employees and other travelers are to be treated with respect. There are no exceptions. Abusive language and behaviour to persons or property will not be tolerated. This includes but is not limited to shouting, swearing, threats or acts of violence and discrimination against OSTC staff or other passengers. Passage will be denied, and no refund will be issued.  If behaviour persists, authorities will be called. 

General Travel Conditions 

No passenger may sail unless they have accepted these terms and conditions, regardless of if the reservation was created by the passenger or someone on their behalf. Passengers travel at their own risk.  

Despite our best efforts, a reservation is not a guarantee of travel.  Vehicle loads outside our normal load distribution could result in an unintentional overbooking.  Should this occur, the fare will be treated as a cancellation and a full refund will be offered.  

Arrivals and Check-In  

Vehicle Reservations Vehicle reservations must arrive and be in the processing lineup at least one (1) hour prior to sailing. Your vehicle dimensions and passenger count must accurately reflect your reservation, or your reservation is void.  

Late Arrivals – You are considered late if you arrive less than one (1) hour before the sailing time. Late arrivals forfeit their reservation and will be placed in standby if space is available. No refunds will be issued if you are late and do not get on the ferry. If you are late and do not get on the ferry, you can request standby for the next sailing on the same day. No reservations can be transferred to a different date; all cancellation rules apply.   

Walk-on Reservations – We recommend that you arrive at least one (1) hour prior to departure. Walk-on passengers must check-in and retrieve their boarding passes from the terminal building prior to going to the ship. Onsite parking is available at both terminal locations, as space permits. Parking fees apply and are paid at the terminal upon check-in. You can board the vessel approximately 30 mins prior to departure.  

ParkingOnsite parking is available at our terminal locations, as space permits. Parking fees are to be paid at the terminal upon check-in, and parking pass displayed in the vehicle. Parking lots are used at your own risk.  

If a vehicle is parked in a public lot on a terminal for which parking fees are in effect and there is no evidence that the parking fee has been paid, OSTC at the sole risk and cost of the owner or operator of the vehicle, may arrange for towing or removal of the vehicle from the terminal. 

Booking Amendments 

Vehicles are charged as booked.  Please review reservation for accuracy. Any adjustments can be made up to 4 hours in advance subject to availability. If a vehicle needs more space than originally booked, it is considered under-declared, the reservation becomes void, and no refund is issued. If space allows, they will be sent to stand-by where they will pay an amendment fee, plus the cost of additional space. If a vehicle needs less space than booked, it is considered over-declared. The customer will not be refunded the difference. The same principle applies to the number of passengers.  

Customer Cancellations – A full refund is applied to every reservation cancelled prior to 48 hours of sailing. Cancelling within 48-24 hours a 50% cancellation penalty is charged. Cancelling within 24 hours of the sailing, is subject to 100% penalty, and no refunds are given.  

Ferry Cancellations – OSTC will cancel sailings if the safety of our passengers and the vessel are negatively impacted by weather, mechanical concerns, or public emergency. Customers should expect the following: If for any reason the ferry is cancelled, all paid customers will be eligible for refund of their unused travel fare for this reservation. Refunds are for passage only.  OSTC is not responsible for costs or penalties related to accommodations, other travel, or other services cancelled or lost as a result.  For passengers booking round trip or same day return travel, each leg of the voyage is treated as one-way with no implied return guarantee in event of a cancellation. OSTC advises customers as far in advance as possible if there is a cancellation. Having a valid e-mail and mobile number on file will ensure communications regarding impacted sailings will be received. 


We offer limited standby travel on a “first come, first-served” basis. No guarantee of travel is made. Standby vehicles are kept in the order in which they arrive, however, depending on space availability some sizes of vehicles may be boarded and taken ahead of other vehicles. We will take vehicles and passengers on standby until sailing time or until the vessel is full. 


We have a small supply of tie-downs to secure motorcycles to the automobile deck. Bringing personal tiedowns is encouraged. There is a motorcycle waiver that must be signed Please complete the Motorcycle Waiver Form in advance and have it ready to hand to the check in agent on arrival Reservations are recommended. Please call 1.800.265.3163 or visit ontarioferries.com 


Elevator and wheelchair access to the ship is available via the passenger ramp in Tobermory and South Baymouth. Passengers with accessibility needs are asked to self-identify with an agent upon booking, if possible, if there are specific supports required. 

On all our watercraft, adults or children with accessibility needs who require the assistance of an attendant will be charged the full fare, however, their attendant fare is free.  

OSTC provides a variety of services for persons with disabilities to ensure a safe and comfortable journey for our passengers. Wheelchair and elevator service are available; please advise at the point of reservations that this service is needed so we can prepare in advance 

Please review our accessibility document online, https://www.ontarioferries.com/accessibility/

Please call ahead to advise of specific needs, so we can assist to the highest level of customer service. 

Pets and Service Animals

Pets are allowed onboard the MS Chi-Cheemaun in the aft lounge sundeck area only. Pets must be on leashes or in pet carriers and accompanied by their owner.

All responsibility for animal behaviour are the responsibility of the owner, and liability is assumed by the owner should the animal injure another passenger.

We do not recommend leaving your pet in your vehicle, as owners can not return to the car deck to check on them. Car deck temperatures can get extreme in warmer conditions and put your pet at risk pets are not permitted in the terminal buildings. Exceptions:

Guide dogs for people who are visually impaired, and certified service dogs for those with other disabilities are permitted in all areas of the ship and terminal. Those customers who require service animals, may be asked to provide official documentation and service animals must be clearly identified with their vest. Support animals are considered pets, for the purpose of designated areas. 

Buses and Motorcoaches 

Buses and motorcoaches must book in advance. Please call 1.800.265.3163 or email info@ontarioferries.com to reserve. Reservations must be paid at time of booking or reserved on an approved company account. Buses must arrive at least one (1) hour prior to sailing and all passengers are required to use the outside passenger ramp to board the ship. Passengers will not be permitted to board the ship while on the bus. Elevator access is available at the external passenger ramp.  

Buses must notify our reservation team of the use of access ramps as additional fees may apply. 

Group Rates

Groups of 10+ paying passengers in a single vehicle or groups of 10+ travelling as walk on paying passengers in a single reservation are eligible for a 10% discount. Discount on the vehicle is not available, discount is for persons only. 

Unaccompanied Minors 

Children under the age of 12 years old must be accompanied supervising person (12 years of age or older). Unaccompanied minors under the age of 12 will not be permitted boarding under any circumstance. 


All OSTC properties, vessels and terminals are smoke and vape free. 


All passengers must vacate the vehicle deck during passage. Vehicles are loaded and unloaded at the owner’s risk. Owen Sound Transportation Company assumes no responsibility for the contents of vehicles. All instructions regarding safety communicated by the crew are to be given full attention and adherence. 


Please declare at time of reservation if you require space or assistance regarding your carry-on luggage. Please advise our reservation team of any special requirements. The area is located in the mid ship walk on passenger area. (Link to map). The Owen Sound Transportation Company does not accept responsibility for loss of, or damage to, baggage or contents under any circumstances. Luggage containing firearms or other dangerous goods must be properly stored and may have specific requirements. Some items may not be permitted. Please review our dangerous goods policy. (Link) to ensure we allow your specific item. 


Drones are not allowed on OSTC property.