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“I’m in a car I can’t afford
Stranded on the 404
Followin’ the brake lights
To a bed where I don’t sleep at night”

So begin the lyrics to “Don’t Look Back”, one of the infectiously catchy tunes from Birds of Bellwoods recent release “Victoria”. As the operators of a ferry service actively engaged in offering an alternative to hours of tedious road travel, this line really spoke to us.


We believe travel should be an adventure, not a chore, and Birds of Bellwoods agree:

“Take a step and don’t look back
I don’t know what’s out there and I’m fine with that”


The romantic notion of travel is not something Birds of Bellwoods write about idly. They’re intimately acquainted with an active life on the road. This busy touring band has a full slate of arena rock shows booked through the fall, but we suspect this is their first gig played “at sea”.

Taking in a performance aboard the Chi-Cheemaun is a unique experience. This is not your typical dingy bar venue, but rather an intimate room with views on 3 sides of the breathtaking waters of Georgian Bay. Performances are energetic and fun, as the band is doing something new for a change. Considering Birds of Bellwoods ALREADY pack their landlubbing shows with tons of energy and heart, we can’t wait to see what they bring to their July 24th performance aboard the ‘Big Canoe’.

1-800-265-3163 for tickets.