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All reservations must be made by
phone this season. Requests for
reservations will not be

addressed via the contact us form.

Use this form for general inquiries,
and direct all reservations requests
to 1-800-265-3163.

Thank you for your understanding.

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Location PinOwen Sound Transportation Company
717875, Hwy 6
Owen Sound, Ontario
N4K 5N7


PhoneChi-Cheemaun Inquiries: 1-800-265-3163
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Office Hours


Ferry not in operation
(Oct. 19 – May)

Off-Peak (May 1 – June 26
& Sept. 8 – Oct. 18)

On-Peak (June 27 – Sept. 7)

Monday: 8:30-4:30Monday: 8:00-4:30Monday 8:00-7:00
Tuesday 8:30-4:30Tuesday 8:00-4:30Tuesday 8:00-7:00
Wednesday 8:30-4:30Wednesday 8:00-4:30Wednesday 8:00-7:00
Thursday 8:30-4:30Thursday 8:00-4:30Thursday 8:00-7:00
Friday 8:30-4:30Friday 8:00-8:30Friday 8:00-7:00
Saturday CLOSEDSaturday 8:00-4:30Saturday 8:00-7:00
Sunday CLOSEDSunday 8:00-4:30Sunday 8:00-7:00


Important Information

Ferry service news and updates, safety measures and travel requirements.